Optimal Performance and Recovery



Faulty Posture?  Chronic Pain?  Muscle Weakness?





I have received 9 K-Laser treatments on my ankle from Dr. Bryan Ales at OPR.  I broke the ankle 35 years ago and have developed arthritis and comcomitant pain. I have been limping badly for about 4 months.  The treatments have helped tremendously.  My pain has been greatly reduced and I am now walking without a significant limp.  I look forward to more improvement as I continue the treatments.

I would also like to acknowledge all the office staff/assistants.  They have been helpful, kind, and patient; they set the envronment for healing as soon as I walk in the office.

Diane G.

Because I have gone to chiropractors for well-care since I was a child, I've experienced many styles and approaches from different practitioners over the years. Upon seeing Dr Bryan Ales personally, upon referral of a few friends who raved about him, I was first struck by his positive energy (how could you not?) and then was impressed by his depth of knowledge. He's one of those people who is always trying to better himself to help everyone around him, which I really appreciate. He approached my "symptoms" beyond which I came in for, and was perceptive on other things going on in my life. For those who are athletic/ sports-minded, I think you would really connect with Dr Ales. He himself is very athletic himself, and wants you to be able to enjoy life in this capacity, so will work with you and give you tips so that you can achieve this. OPR is fantastic.....

Anna Marie R.

A year ago I was at the end of my rope, frustrated, in a great deal of pain and written off by doctors and physical therapists that I had seen. Less than a year of seeing Dr. Ales has changed all of that. He continues his education year after to year to stay ahead of the curve in treatment and understanding of physical dysfunction and nutritional deficiencies. Whether you have a complicated, chronic condition like me, or a simple sports injury, he is the doctor I would recommend - something I do not do lightly. 

Geoff B.